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In 2020, Focus on the Impact of the User, not Google

The speaker and contributor at SMS West, namely Mordy Oberstein, is of the view that in recent years, SEO need to analyze the hidden messages about what Google is trying to do holistically with the core updates. Mordy is a CMO at Rang Ranger, and he has put forward his thoughts on what is significant in search engine optimization in 2020.

Mordy’s Thoughts on Using SEO in 2020

What Mordy thinks is necessary is going for a less linear and more multi-dimensional approach at the core updates. But what does this mean? Well, most of the time, people tend to fall back on certain links and technical aspects while dealing with core updates. But what Mordy thinks is it will make a lot of sense to take the overall picture into account. It means having a multi-dimensional look on everything going around core updates.

Mordy thinks in this way- Google puts in a lot of quality when approaching almost anything or everything. This starts from web pages and sites to even entities. No matter what it is, Google is more like a human with the languages it uses. Google does this because it is filled with fun, and it is considered pretty cool as well. It is not just fun, but it even helps the users. 

The same approach should be taken up by the users for their analysis equation, especially when dealing with any core update. Neural matching has been around in recent times, along with prolific proliferation. Google is getting qualitative, and it is necessary to consider where Google is heading with the complete picture and with different things when approaching certain core updates.

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Approaching Core Updates in Real Terms

Let us begin with sites that were hit by a certain update. It means taking a look at sites that lost and sites that were victorious with the rankings during core updates and how they were approached holistically. What are the latest messages given out to Google about one’s authority? Since SEO is catching up with marketing and marketing trends throughout the industry, it would be better to talk about the psychological effects on the users instead of talking about Google.

What You Need to Work On?

You will have to work on finding the different ways in which you can use content and words. You also need to think about the tone you will be taking the UX design and the UI. It entails almost everything related to a site. Next, think about the psychological signals sent to the users. Make sure to understand how the users are psychologically interpreting things that they see on your website and the way they are interacting with the site. Taking all these steps is essential because answering these questions will help you in understanding how Google is taking your website or looking at it. Yet again, something vital is not focusing on Google, but on the impact, Google’s core updates have on the users.

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