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Focus on E-A-T to Avoid Performance Problems in 2020

Show and explain to Google that you are actually a trusted unit with a focus on authoritativeness, trustworthiness, and expertise. SMX speaker and contributor, Lily Ray, is here to ensure users put good thoughts in their backlink profiles and in telling the search engines that they are a trusted source by way of the perfect data structure.

Reasons to Go for E-A-T

Lily Ray is the director of Search Engine Optimization at a company called Path Interactive. This is a digital marketing firm in the city of New York. Lily Ray puts down that she thinks that this year marketers need to have their focus on E-A-T. E-A-T means expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. One of the main reasons why she thinks that this is necessary is because Google has brought about some big updates in its core algorithms in the last few years.

These changes have taken a toll on the performance and the rankings of many sites. It goes especially for the sites that provide legal advice, medical suggestion, and even financial solutions. Therefore, it has become quite significant to put one’s thoughts in E-A-T. Ray further advocates the use of E-A-T by businesses in their SEO strategies. She says that businesses must tell their users and the search engines why they need to be trusted. In other words, businesses should put forward the reasons why they are an expert in the field.

What about Backlink Profiles?

Lily further puts down that business website owners need to think about their backlink profiles. They need to ensure that they have credible and trusted Backlinks pointing back to their websites. She also says that they should ensure they are making use of the perfect data structure for showing Google the reasons why they should be considered trusted units. The right data structure can also help sites in making connections between the different places where they have gained a mention online.

The End Results of Using E-A-T as Part of SEO Strategy

Lily Ray has even confirmed with the results for business websites that use E-A-T in their SEO strategies. Businesses using E-A-T in their SEO strategies will probably notice a surge in their rankings. The results for the businesses using E-A-T will be completely different from the results of the users not using the same. They will not be able to get answers to queries related to finances, medical, nature, life, and money. It would get tough for websites to rank and even compete with other websites. Companies and organizations that generally do not have a good E-A-T incorporated SEO strategy in place are pretty likely to witness huge performance declines. Therefore, businesses need to think of E-A-T as a covering on top of their existing SEO strategies. Focusing on E-A-T should be the prime objective of modern-day business organizations. Not failing to do so might bring them tangible results over an extended period.

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