The main benefit of hiring WordPress experts from our site is to present the most open-type and flexible solutions to create a powerful, simple, and appealing website to match your customized needs. The WordPress developers from the house of Cognegiac will cover it all, starting from designing to installation, plug-ins to upgrades, and more. With the promising support that our brand is known for, you can always get the best service from our side.


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Website design

Join us for 100% unique professional web designing options customized to fit your brand’s needs and vision. It remains compatible with various gadgets and screen sizes. The design ties in some major elements for maximizing recall and response.

Configuration and Installation

No need to worry about complexities anymore as our developers can handle migration projects with ease. We will have the WordPress site up without any downtime or glitches.

Theme design

Join us as we create a user-friendly, unique, big-free, and well-designed theme for your business. It has outstanding support from our side. With us, you can tweak, change, play around or update features according to your will.

Third-party integration

WordPress integration with third-party apps comes in handy with so many options. Whether you need a Google-centric map or a social media customized feed or are willing to display major meet-ups, our team from Cognegiac can always make that happen!

Maintenance and support

Our WordPress professionals will help you out with all, right from website backups to security, plug-in updates to theme changes, troubleshooting issues, plug-in errors, website downtime, and more.

Optimization services

We will help you to introduce the brand by dominating search engines. We have highly skilled developers in SEO, ensuring maximum coverage while creating and publishing content online.