Pay Per Click

We help you in improving your business through efficient keyword research, account creation, traffic/conversion tracking and more.

Pay Per Click Services

We specialize in developing appropriate pay per click campaigns with lead generation between B2B that offers more control over regular SEO campaigns. Developing a website, arranging the appropriate SEO campaign and meeting the social media marketing targets can only be fulfilled if one has an efficient Pay Per Click plan in place. This is an excellent tool to move the traffic to your website but usually not organically. Our experts assist the clients to enhance their visibility in search engines as well as direct qualified and knowledgeable traffic.

We at Cognegiac help you in improving your business through our Pay Per Click Services which is considered to be one of the most rewarding methods of digital marketing these days. This also enables you to reach out to the potential customers and at the same time become popular amongst your existing ones. We create excellent campaigns with the help of apt keyword research, account creation, bid strategy and management, traffic/conversion tracking, creating ad copies and more. Our team of passionate social media experts excel in analyzing the current market trends and optimizing the rate of your return on investments for the requisite paid searches on, for instance, Google, Yahoo or MSN. Ideating innovative and appealing ads plays an essential role in attracting the customers which in turn, helps our client to deliver profitable results and offers maximum exposure to your product or brand. We also specialize in conversion tracking, ad submission, ad copy creation, keyword search and selection, pay per click monitoring and ad campaign creation.

Our IT consultancy strategy facilitates in generating more lead and makes your webpage easily accessible for the audience. It is also said that Pay Per Click is more beneficial as compared to other techniques as it offers guaranteed results. We possess the perfect combination of experience, expertise, and efficiency that differentiates us from our competitors highlighting the maximum conversion rate.